Tantric Massage - Method to open the heart and create openness in relationships PDF Print E-mail

Massage handThe ancient wisdom from the East teaches us about the energies of life, love and sexuality and how we can unite body, mind and soul and turn our lives into a sacred practice. Amongst other things here we will see how we can use our sexual energy as a tool to the highest ecstasy, in the meeting with our beloved. Tantric massage is a way of making us present in the moment, in a state of relaxation and awareness.

Through an intensive awakening of the sexual pleasure and sensitivity, we can expand and refine our state of consciousness, using and controlling the sexual energy in and up through the body, instead of losing it through discharging orgasms. This energy then becomes available on other levels of your being, being transformed into, for instance, love or mental power. Being able to use this huge potential, in areas other than just sexuality, gives the surplus to deepen the relationship with the beloved.

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